The centuries old, modern-day answer to
ensuring their healthiest well-being
via the safest, history-proven angle
& position, reminding them of you &
offering endless benefits for all

“BabyUp® allows me to take a shower with complete peace of mind”


Our SRA™, Shoulder Replicated Angle™
was recreated to not only ensure your baby’s best well-being &
safety but to also allow you to go about your day without
having to hold your baby 24-hours a day; after all, your best self,
will always ensure their best health.

A Timeless & Proven Design Yielding Tranquility For All & Much Peace of Mind

We were all inspired by the centuries-old, proven angle & position our
great-grandmothers and mothers used to care for us all.

SRA™, Shoulder Replicated Angle™

…the history-proven angles of 70 & 45 degrees.

Easy Assembly, Foldable & Transportable

Less than 10kg!

Transforms Into a High Chair

For later & up to 2 years age.

Meets All Rigorous International Safety Standards

Nothing but peace of mind.

Bluetooth Sound System

For lullabies and for mom & dad’s heartbeats/voice.

Adapts to Their Size

…with varied seat levels.

Swings and Rocks

You just choose their speed!

Proper Digestion & Uninterrupted Sleep

..courtesy of our SRA

Click here for the manuals
& tutorials for using your BabyUp®

Envision having more hands-free moments throughout your day, knowing they are in safe & supreme comfort, digesting better, reducing regurgitation and minimizing reflux all while enhancing tranquility at home and more sleep for everyone.

Grateful For Your Testimonials

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Farewell troubled sleep

Elena Tammelleo


Perfect for Relaxing

Francesco Viola


Works as a miracle

Bon Sakwat

What We Believe

Just because things have been done a certain way for so long, does not mean they should continue being done that way.

What We Think

Unquestionably, hands-free moments are an indispensable and invaluable part of your entire family’s wellbeing.

“It’s not our history-proven angle that makes BabyUp®revolutionary.

It’s that now, you’ll have more hands-free moments throughout your day, while knowing they are resting & reposing in the healthiest position ever known.”

“Her reflux problems disappeared completely.”


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