The Problem of Reflux

Dr. Albani has pioneered BabyUp®, an innovative non-pharmacological solution meticulously designed to alleviate the distress experienced by infants suffering from reflux, a prevalent issue affecting approximately 60% of babies.

Reflux, attributed to the frequent regurgitation of stomach contents (comprising acidified milk due to gastric juices) into the esophagus, triggers a range of distressing symptoms. These include esophagitis, which initiates spasms, persistent and protracted hiccups, ceaseless restlessness, and chronic sleep disturbances.

The continual “rumination” of gastric material, coupled with excessive swallowing, results in the accumulation of air in the stomach and intestines. This accumulation manifests as agonizing colic, incessant crying, feeding difficulties, sleep disruptions, choking episodes, and palpable suffering.

Moreover, severe complications stemming from reflux can encompass issues such as poor weight gain, recurrent otitis media, anemia, aspiration of gastric contents leading to pulmonary infections, and subsequent respiratory complications.

This cascade of challenges can significantly disrupt family life, giving rise to a myriad of issues. These include sleep deprivation, heightened anxiety, marital discord, fatigue, diminished work performance, increased anxiety levels, feelings of helplessness, a pervasive sense of failure, social isolation, and the onset of postnatal depression.

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Dr. Albani clarifies the origins of gastro-esophageal reflux (GER), the most common symptoms associated with it, and the ensuing inconveniences, as well as effective management strategies for this widespread phenomenon.

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In this video presentation, Dr. Albani discusses esophagitis while utilizing informative animations to illustrate its connection to gastroesophageal reflux and the sleeping positions in which babies are placed.

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Dr Albani elucidates the symptoms of reflux in children aged beyond 2 years. Readers may find it enlightening to discover that many behaviors exhibited by children of this age, often dismissed as baseless complaints, can be attributed to reflux-related issues.

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During the final weeks of pregnancy, some expectant mothers experience the delightful sensation of their baby hiccuping in their womb. While this phenomenon often brings smiles and laughter to future parents, it prompts intriguing questions. What lies behind this occurrence, and what might it signify or alert us to?

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Dr. Albani provides insight into why, during the treatment of reflux using Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), the stomach often develops resistance to the medication, causing it to become significantly less effective. Additionally, he offers practical solutions to address this issue.

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Why is it that babies who are breastfed tend to develop reflux symptoms later than those who are formula-fed? While many doctors attribute this phenomenon to cow’s milk allergies in breastfeeding infants, Dr. Albani presents an alternative explanation.


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