Health & Safety

BabyUp® is suitable for newborns up to the point when the baby can sit up independently (around 9 months). The highchair version can be used until your baby is about 2 years of age.

Yes, as long as you adhere to the safety guidelines provided in the owner’s manual.

While it may provide relief, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for a comprehensive treatment plan.

Our fabrics are 100% eco-sustainable, but always keep away from open flames.

Absolutely, when used as instructed. Always supervise your baby during use.

It can support up to 9 kg in the anti-reflux configuration

Using your BabyUp®

 If your baby surpasses the weight limit, discontinue use immediately. Consider alternatives suitable for your baby’s weight.

Yes, the highchair version is designed for feeding.

It’s portable and foldable, perfect for on-the-go families

Yes, it’s equipped with Bluetooth speakers for your convenience.

It’s not designed for sleep, however babies can rest on BabyUp® for many hours per day.


The fabric is machine-washable, and the frame can be wiped down.

The fabric seat is machine-washable. After washing, ensure it’s correctly reattached. The base and other parts can be wiped down with a mild cleaner. The bibs are machine-washable up to 40°C

Ensure it’s connected to a power source and try turning the knob clockwise.

Adjust the volume on your device and ensure your mobile device is paired with the Bluetooth speakers.

Ensure there’s no obstruction, adjust the baby’s position, and ensure they’re seated correctly.

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If the breakage is due to a manufacturing defect, we will refund it. However, damages from misuse will not be covered.

Kindly send an email to help@dralbani.org for return instructions.

Deliveries within Europe take about 3 days, while international shipments can take up to a week.


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