Perfect for Relaxing

Leo is an incredibly energetic child, and he doesn’t particularly enjoy staying still or being confined in a baby carrier. Therefore, he wasn’t the most obvious candidate for using BabyUp® .
However, we must admit that there were moments when BabyUp® proved to be a lifesaver for us.
For example, when Mom needed to cook or when I had to focus on work, we would place Leo in the seat, and he would happily engage with his favorite cartoons. These were situations where holding him would have been nearly impossible, so having the convenience of BabyUp® was a tremendous help.
We genuinely appreciate this valuable product and are delighted to have played a part in supporting your project
The only option was to have her sleep while resting on my chest.
However, after becoming acquainted with the device, her sleep patterns gradually improved, and her reflux problems completely vanished by the second month of her life.
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